Friday, April 29, 2011

Here Goes.......


I have been hemming an hawing about this giveaway since I came across it about a week ago.  Should I??  Shouldn't I??  I looked around my home and thought what a fantastic chance this would be to have someone come into your home and make over a their magic....Awesome opportunity right?? 

But what room to pick?  Then I went and looked at some of the bloggers who also wanted the opportunity to have a room done...then I was back to...Should I??  Shouldn't I??

I was still undecided up until today when something or someone gave me a little pushed and said you need to do this for your was a whisper in my ear, a magical touch on my shoulder and then I came home from work and grabbed my camera and went down the stairs....

(dear Lord I hope she doesn't kill me)

We moved into this house last July 24th.  We are a three family house.  My mother lives in an attached in law quarters, my husband and I live upstairs and my oldest daughter lives in what is at this point an efficiency apartment.

(that is her sleeper sofa)

Shannon (my daughter) has the whole downstairs.  There is another room behind the door to the left that will eventually become her bedroom.  And if you scroll back up to the kitchen shot to the right of the fridge there is a door that leads out to the other side of the basement that has her bathroom in it and will eventually become two more bedrooms for the kids (right now the kids are upstairs with us)

(I really think she's going to kill me...)

Shannon had money set aside to start on the rooms on both sides but unfortunately she is going through a "nasty" divorce and child custody issues.  All of the monies have now gone to paying for lawyers and she just can't seem to catch a break.  This has been going on for over a year with the case getting postponed for one reason or another, having to get rid of her first lawyer and getting a more expensive better lawyer, having judge shortages in our county...pretty much you name it it's happened.  Through a huge misunderstanding by the judge and a very sucky (hence the new lawyer) lawyer her (Please Lord..) almost ex-husband got custody of the two kids.

(door to other side of basement)
(see the two different colors of paint...she's painted twice down here now)

Any hoooooo...the whole thing is a big mess...the kids are upset (they are 5 and 3), my daughter is upset and very depressed (this is a lot for anyone to handle let alone a 28 year old) and I thought this would be something nice to do for her. is my entry into the giveaway......I hope you will consider coming to Pennsylvania and I want to wish everyone good luck!

God Bless and thank you for sharing this wonderful opportunity!

(stairway that goes upstairs)

(another view)

Thanks again for your consideration!!


bj said...

What a nice place your daughter has. She would be so excited if you won this for her.
Good good luck..
Thanks so much for coming by. I am following you so I can see the room makeover. I just KNOW you'll win. :))

Eve said...

What a great Mom you are to enter your daughter! Good luck Shannon! You could use a big break about now! Hugs!

Jennifer said...

Sue - I hope that Shannon wins, she already won in the Mom department! You are a great Mom- Luv ya- Jenn

Angela said...

Hope you win!!!- angela

Screaming Meme said...

:) You are the best Mom! Hi, Im Meme from Screaming Meme...I want to personall invite you to my blog. I am having a chalk paint giveaway! Come and check it out! Meme

lvroftiques said...

I'm sorry your DD didn't win the contest. I think she has a wonderful space to work with and I only wish I could come over to help. Having been through a nasty divorce myself I know how trying and totally insane it can be. Please tell her that I'm sending her prayers from the other side of the country. Vanna