Sunday, April 3, 2011

What a Weekend!


Now I know why the good Lord give children to the young.......

We had the pleasure of having our youngest grandson Liam for the weekend while his mother my youngest was visiting a girlfriend in North Carolina and his daddy was working.
He'll be two in June and yes this is the baby in the laundry basket.  He keeps you hopping trying to stop him from putting everything under the sun in his mouth and rearranging my stuff.  Everytime you turn around he's got something and he's tearing off with it!  All in all it was a good weekend, we even got to go to the GW and I picked up a few things I will shoot and post later.

Tonight I'd like to show you a bit of my stuff.  My Hubs was kind enough to put pictures in the computer for me in my own file that I'm actually able to find...he's a sweetheart.  Speaking of the "Hubs"...I'm not real fond of the title "Hubs" for him.  I've been thinking and thinking and I thought calling hime Mr. Lil would not float so since I'm Meme Sue we'll just call him Poppy Rick since that's what the grands call on with the show and tell..

This is my antique sewing table that my dad found outside someones house on trash day....can you believe it.  This is actually one of two that he found.  He loaded them into the truck and lovingly refinished them.  My mother always loved this one the best and had it in her living room for years until they downsized and it got passed to me and the one that I had which has the sewing machine down inside was given to my youngest daughter.  I wish I would have taken the top box off to show you the machine that sits inside.

Isn't she sweet.  Had all the original hardware and look at the detail!  I love it.

BEAUTIFUL isn't she??

Sitting on the pedal I have my sweet Mommy and Baby toile chickens that I bought years ago...I love toile!  The metal on the sewing table and the pedal are very chippy...I debated on painting it and think I'll just leave it for now.

We were suprised to find some goodies in the drawers also!

There were also pins, needles, containers of snaps and hook and was neat to see all the stuff.  I have know idea what the two gadgets are that are above so I need to do some research...if anyones knows and would like to share I'd appreciate it.
She's a pretty girl and I'm proud to have her.  I guess I got my love of junkin from my dad....LOL  This just goes to show ya to keep your eyes open while your never know what you might come across....whats that saying "One man trash is another man's treasure"!  How true!

I'm hoppin on over to Coastal Charms for Nifty Thrifty Tuesday...come on over!


Vicki said...

She's a beauty! Great job on your bunnies below too. Following you. Good luck at my giveaway.

Cheryl said...

Hi Sue,
Love your old sewing machine...your Dad did a beautiful job refinishing it. The little pin cushion you found inside is a treasure. And the red still my heart!
Hope you had a nice weekend with Poppy Rick:-)
Your "blog sister",

crazy for chocolate said...

I can not believe that someone could throw that to the curb!! I would loved to have given one a loving home...