Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Bunny's

Last week as I was cruising around blogland and checking out all the wonderful decor and craftiness I came across the blog of Deneen and her bunny topiary at Dreaming N Color  I love these bunny's check her's here and see the lovely tablescape. 

I loved these sooooo much that I had to attempt them.  So here goes my version
I went to Pier 1 and got the bunny's...aren't they the cutest things ever?  The next day I hit the $ store on my lunch and picked up the little pots..they are clay pots painted a soft green with the flowers already painted on them...that was nice of someone to do that *wink*
I found the floral foam at the same store and the little sparklie eggs came in a package of 12 with ribbon loops on them to hang on a tree.  I didn't know that the dollar store sold foam which made me happy because it's way more costly at Michael's.  I had to trim the foam down to get it into the pot after I cut it in half for the other topiary.  Added some grass on the top with a little hot glue and then added the eggs after I cut the ribbons off.  The first one I made I stuck the bunny in the foam after I put the grass on which was a pain...the second one I put the bunny in and then the grass and eggs.  I'm quite pleased with them...actually I LOVE them!  Hope I done you proud Deneen!!

Here they are on the table together
The copper tray on the table I found at GW for 2.00, the pitcher was another as can be for 3.00...not as fancy as the other one but I love it just the has a dent in it but I think it just adds to her charm.  The little crystal salt and pepper shakers I scored from the Salvation Army for .99 Woot!  Placemats are from Christmas Tree Shop at 1.00 a piece.  I almost have a tablescape I

Thanks again Deneen!


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Monday, March 28, 2011

Another one......

Are you like me?  When your driving down the road do you get this excited feeling in the pit of your stomach when you see a Good Will store, or pass a yard sale?  I have two consignment shops within walking distance of my house and sometimes I feel as though my vehicle has a mind of it's own when I'm traveling down the highway.  Honestly within a five mile distance I have two GW's, a Salvation Army, a thrift store and two AWESOME consignment shops!  So I thought I'd practice by showing you one of the things that I've purchased in the last couple of here goes.....
This was my very first piece that I bought.  I was standing in line at a local thrift store paying for my $40.00 China cabinet (that will come at a later post) when I looked over and saw this on a shelf.  I ran over and grabbed it.  It was $6.00 (is that good?) but I loved the feet and the ornate handle. 

Here she is at another she was a bear to clean!

And here she is all shined up and pretty for spring!

My next feat will be trying my hand at a linky party...shaking in my boots on this one..HA HA


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My Weekend

I wanted to share with everyone a blog that I spent my weekend reading!

As you can see I am fairly new to this blogging world and I am crazy gaga for it!  I spend an ungodly amount of time looking at every ones blogs and admiring all the great decorating and crafty items that everyone amazes me beyond measure the talent that is out there in the blogesphere (sp)!

Last week while poking around in one linky party or another I came across a post from Cheryl at My Sisters Cottage that was about storage for her multitude of rubber stamps that she has.  I sent her a message telling her about the "huge" box of rubber stamps that I found at GW and I dug through them and picked out a few that were really nice.  I also took her button while I was visiting and posted it to the side bar of my blog.  The next day Cheryl had a post about "Using the Fancy Towels" and it was through reading this post that I came to know her sister Nancy at It's Always Something and her battle with Ovarian Cancer.  This is a blog that was shared by the sisters and if you do nothing else but read the sidebar for the signs and symptoms of Ovarian Cancer then you are ahead of the game. 

Unfortunately Nancy Tufts lost her battle with Ovarian Cancer on November 14, 2010.  Needless to say I will be one person who will be using the "Fancy Towels" from now on!  As I told Cheryl in a message "Life is too short to only use the good stuff on special occasions"! Her story has greatly impacted my life!  Thanks Cheryl for sharing!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Passion

I love bling!  If it shines it's for me.  I'm not an earthy girl I want crystal, silver, gold, gems...

Four years ago when my oldest daughter was planning on heading down the isle we were on the hunt for jewelry.  Not finding anything that really rocked our socks I said to her "I can do that"  I had never made a piece of jewelry in my life but someone told me that if I could learn to crimp I could make just about anything.  So I took a class and off I went.

I love beading.  I buy beads and I love to look at them, feel the texture of them...see them shine.  I took more classes.  Then the youngest one decided to tie the knot and of course she was not wanting something on a string!  She comes to me with something in a magizine that she saw that was chain and pearls and crystal and pouted "you can make this can't you mommy?"


I made the whole wedding party for both weddings.  Wish you could see them a little better...the actual pictures of the jewelry blew up on our old computer but the Hubs thinks we have them on a disc somewhere.  I also did her flowers which was something new for me because I'm not an floral person..they are all silk.

Then my daughter from another mother wanted to get hitched and I told her I would do her bling....and bling this girl wanted!

Add the earrings


and the bracelet

Something I enjoy doing and very relaxing.  I hope to show you more pieces soon!

Now if you want to see some beautiful pieces check out the blog I stumbled upon today and check out the jewels and craftyness of Betsy at My Salvaged Treasures...amazing!

I'm enjoying this whole blogging gig and discovering new things to learn everyday...thanks to all my bloggy helpers!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hook, Line and Sinker.....

Today I went into work and as I always do first thing is check my emails.  I can't wait every morning to see what Marty at A Stroll Thru Life has posted.  Will it be a new table setting, a crafty project, a thrifty item found or a party of some sort.  Or will I see some fantastic find from Kim at Savvy Southern Style.  From there I see linky parties (is that the correct terminolgy?) with more bloggers that I am just getting to discover their wonderful blogs. 

My head is spinning, my heart is pounding and I can't stop looking.  What am I to do?  I'm addicted and I think I need an intervention.

I want to stand up before all the blogs that I'm following and for all the blogs that will be followed in the future and proclaim to all that I am a Blogaholic!! 
I will end this post with my very first cloche.  Displayed I have an angel that my granddaughter Morgan gave me for Christmas along with a picture of her and a clay pig that she made for me.  It's all sitting on a black and white plate that I picked up at Marshall's for 2.00.  The bunny in the background I found at a local consignment shop that has wonderful things and I go there way too much.  The silver cup I'm not quite sure what it is.  It has a glass cup inside and I will post a better picture of that and maybe someone can help me out there.
Here you may be able to see it a bit closer and clearer.  Thanks for taking a look and thanks to all for feeding my addiction!  I look forward to getting to know you all and learning the ins and outs of navigating through blogland.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Road Trip..

Today was a good day in a long sort of way.  The Hubs and I had to drive my mother to visit her friend who is very ill.  Her friend lives in VA which is about a 3 hour ride from our house...did I say long ride.  At least it was a beautiful day for a road trip.
My mother use to live down here in this part of VA and while we would visit we often would go to Assateague Island where the ponies run wild.  We would also go to Chincoteague to visit the state park.
Here's hoping everyone has a GREAT weekend and Hello Spring!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Just a little note.....

It has been a long week....  I haven't posted since last week because I'm trying to re-organize this space of mine and figure out which end is up.
So please hang with me...I promise there are good things to come! 

Have a Blessed day!

Oh....Look what I did!!  That little cutie is my youngest grandson Liam...he's sitting in a laundry basket and my daughter took a picture of him through one of the holes!  Now just to figure how to get my pictures from my camera to the computer...I'll get there...I hope...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy Wednesday!!

Hello everyone!!  I'm so excited that I'm getting a few followers...YIPPEE!  Not much to follow yet but I promise there will be good things to least I hope you'll think they're good.  As you can see this is another post with no pictures..and I promise I've been taking loads of pictures...just this past week has been crazy as all get out.

I have to tell you my our escapades of this past Saturday.  First off my year and a half old grandson had spent the is always fun to hear him in the room jabbering away and not understanding a thing he says...but cute just the same.  I opened up the door and was hit by the most awful a brick hitting you in the face...UGH!  Then to see a pencil in the crib with the eraser and the metal holder thing gone...this child is like Houdini...God only knows where he found it because I scoured the room and anything in the area near arms reach for him is removed...I think the stinker (literally) had it hidden in his diaper or something!!  So I had to tell his mother (my youngest DD) to be on the lookout for something shiny in the diaper.  Once they left the hubs and I had to head to the accountant to get that fun started.  We have no idea what the tax thing is going to be like since we bought the house.  We have always owed so crossing fingers we're in the plus and not the minus!  After we left there I dragged talked the hubs into going to the Christmas Tree Shop to check out the Easter stuff...he just hates loves that  They had some really cute stuff...I could just spend hours in there checking everything out.  After that I talked (lol) him into going to Home Goods which  I had a gift card for that was burning a hole in my wallet.  I've been on the hunt for apothecary jars for the top of my entertainment center.  Didn't have what I wanted there so we went to another one that is actually closer to our home and I found two that I love.  Hit Panera for dinner and then home....we were out all day...whew!

Yesterday I spent the evening putting Easter decorations up...but I find that I need a few more things so I may have to sneak off to the Christmas Tree Shop again..HE HE!  My two apothecary jars are now decked out in Easter.  One I put pearlized eggs in and the other I put Easter grass and a bunny..but I need to put a bigger bunny in there...

Yesterday I also snuck out of work and hit a consignment shop that I hadn't been to in awhile.  I found some really cute stuff (I really do shop for stuff and take pictures of it!) and had her hold them for me to pick up today...PAYDAY!!  While I was there one of the owners asked me if I liked silver and silverplate...seeing that I had purchased some...duh!  He brought out some pieces of silverplate and one I fell in love with...but the thing I was drooling over were two sterling serving was a ladle with initials on it and also a very ornate  silver serving spoon....I want much I ask..well they sell them by the weight and just the serving spoon would be about 80.00 I was told...HELLO...pick me up off the floor!  Is this true??  All the pieces that I've seen on this blog or that all are paying that much??  I'm thinking you have to hit yard sales or estate sales to get half way decent prices on those kind of pieces...I hope so anyway!

Well...I think I've used up enough space here for one day.  I just have to say though that just when I think I've seen everything I ran across Savvy Southern Style and she is running "Just White and Wow Us Wednesday"  WoW is not the word...I am amazed at all the crafty/talented/inspirational bloggers out there.  I'm envious of your talents and your homes...just gorgeous!!  I hope to someday have a blog as beautiful as the ones I've seen...every one of them!

Blessings on this Ash Wednesday!


Friday, March 4, 2011

Just a Reminder....

Today is Show and Tell Friday over at My Romantic Home.  Check it out you will find so many interesting blogs to check out.  One of my new favorites is pop on over there and check it won't be disapointed!

Thanks to everyone who is stopping in and becoming a follower to my new born pictureless blog!!  I appreciate it more than I can say!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Do you ever sit and think "Dang I just amaze myself"?  I had just that kind of moment this week while digging in our garage. 

As I've mentioned in a previous (like I have oh so post we have only been in our house since mid July of 2010.  When we started packing up for our big move (and it was daunting if I say so myself) I was putting things into totes and boxes to yard sale once we moved.  Now mind you I had been storing stuff (years and years of stuff) in the basement of the old house and a garage that we rented to yard sale in the spring of every year that we lived there...12 years in fact.  Most of the stuff I have stored are things that I had purchased over the years and then as we all know tastes change and then you buy more stuff but the stuff your replacing is so nice you just can't get rid of it.....right?

So anyway I had something in my mind that I wanted to find (since I've started on this Shabby Chic journey)...oh it was a top to a cheese plate that I was going to yard sale.  I had two of them and when I saw all the glass bells that everyone was using I thought....Hey I could use I used the one I had in my dining room and then went on the hunt in the "Yard Sale" box.  As I'm digging through I'm thinking I'm not going to sell alot of the things in there because...what is that saying...What was once old is new again!!  Now I can't wait until the weather gets warmer so the hubs and I can get in the garage and dig, dig, dig!

I have to say I am totally addicted to the thrift store and GW now...I even hit the Salvation Army shop every once in awhile.  I'm finding some amazing things and I've been busy taking pictures and cleaning silver.  I think I can figure out how to post the pictures but just need the hubs to take them off the camera and put them on the computer.  I have no computer savvy at all!  Please bear with me as I learn!

Tomorrow is Friday and I LOVE Fridays and "Show and Tell Fridays" at My Romantic Home

I love checking out all the great ideas from all the bloggers who feed my addiction!